How Bizarre was created in 2017 by a Scottish lass with Persian roots, and a BIG love for bold colours, crazy patterns and cosy home furnishings. 

Growing up in an old tenement flat, our wooden floors were always dressed with Persian rugs of all shapes, colours and sizes. I always remember spending hours as a kid trying to spot and discover all the different animals within the patterns of the rugs or play "hot lava" games by standing within the diamond shapes (while every other kid was using their sofa *laughs*).

Below is a picture of my first Persian rug, given to me by the fams. You can still see the black splodge of hair dye from when I was a rebellious teenager! This rug left home with me, and has been my magical carpet ride ever since. It's withstood the test of time, been a reminder of home, made a new house a home, and still to this day catches my eye every time I walk into the room. Making them a perfect heirloom.

Every vintage hand knotted rug has a story to tell, and their imperfections add to their charm. Who knew a wee old rug could bring so much joy?